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What To Bring
What to Bring to Your Survival Class
Each specific course may require additional items, but these items (below) are essential for ALL courses unless otherwise noted in the course description. Some items (like matches) will be provided, but you'll need the items below as well. If you need help finding and/or procuring these items, let us know before your course date.
Trusty Footwear - Some people prefer boots, some prefer sandals, but it's up to you to be sure that it's the footwear you trust in an emergency. Flip-flops are NOT recommended, as the terrain we cover will be rough and potentially steep with lots of cactus. It could be raining, snowing, and windy so think this one through.
Canteen, Water Bottle, Camel Back, etc. - Bring a full water container of some sort that is easily carried, preferably not in your hand. "Bottled water" will work, but if you leave the bottle there's gonna be trouble... We kinda hate those things. Additional (but limited) drinking water will be on-site.
Rain Jacket & Pants or Long Poncho - Military versions are ideal, but bring what you trust. Some aspects of the course take place in exposed areas and rain doesn't stop our courses unless there's dangerous lightning.
Extra Under-Layer - A fleece top, a hoody, something to take the chill off a cold morning that can easily be shed and packed away as it warms up (and cools back down) throughout the day.
Sharp Knife - A folding knife or a hunting knife with a 3" or 4" blade of your choosing. Although you can get a decent enough blade for $15-$25 or a beautiful, fancy one for $50-$75, make sure it's sturdy and reliable. Going too cheap on your knife could come back to haunt you later.
Tarp - Either 6'x8' or 8'x10' will do the trick. It'll cost you around $10.00 at a store, and it'll be worth it's weight in gold in a survival situation. Better than a tent any day. Works well with parachute cord and/or cam straps. REQUIRED for multi-day courses!
Notebook and Pen - You'll want to take notes and make sketches. We recommend a "composition book" type notebook, which has a rigid outer cover, making writing a little easier while sitting on a log.
Lunch & Snacks - Classes begin at 8:45am (arrive between 8:15am - 8:30am) and end around 4:30pm with a half-hour lunch break around Noon and a few short breaks throughout the day. Make sure you bring some good, energy packed food and snacks, and eat some breakfast before you arrive, you'll be glad you did.
Day Pack - Should be able to fit all the things listed above and have room for more. For the courses, your pack only has to last a day or two, but in a real world survival situation you'll want a pack that's tough and functional. This is the perfect excuse to go and get a proper one.
Optional - Not required, but recommended -

LED Flashlight / Multi-Tool / Seat Cushion or Pad / Work Gloves / Knit Hat / Sun Screen / Extra Glasses-Contacts / Eye Drops / Binoculars / Camera / Extra Socks / GPS and Compass /

What to Have With You in Everyday Life
Some things in this survival kit (listed below) will fit in a small tin in your pocket, some would be better suited in a pack or in your vehicle's gear box, and each is handier than you might think. Keeping these items handy in every day life will make you able to deal with almost any survival or emergency situation. This isn't a complete list, but it's a good place to start. Think it through and adjust for your circumstances.
Canteen and Extra Water
Folding Saw and Wire Saw
Parachute Cord
Extra Dry Socks (in a sealed freezer bag)
Steel Wool and Dryer Lint (for Tinder)
Mess Kit (Pan, Bowl, Fork, Spoon, etc.)
Can Opener and a Can or Two of High-Calorie Food
Pocket Knife with Half-Serrated Edge
Small Magnifier
Lighters (the more, the better)
8'x10' Tarp
Water Purification Tablets
Hand / Foot Warmers
Extra Under-Layer
Flagging Tape
Loud Whistle
Duct Tape
Large Contractor-Grade Trash Bags
Sleeping Bag
Fishing Kit
Mouse Trap or Rat Trap
First-Aid Kit
LED Flashlights
Winter Hat and Gloves and/or Summer Hat
Sleeping Pad
Fleece Blanket
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